4i Group



Practice Overview.

4i Coaching programs are based on four phases of leadership development, with methodologies and tools selected to optimise outcomes for each of these development scenarios.  The formulation of these program segments has been based on our experience with varying seniorities of participants across numerous industries, markets and business specific trading conditions.

Whilst these segments can be found to typically apply, all programs are specifically tailored to the individual requirements of each Participant and the engaging Client business.  Program mode can often shift through the duration of the program, for example from Improve to Inform.

To provide a baseline for assessment, for all programs we recommend the use of the following assessments, or comparable insights provided by previous organisational assessments: DISC, 360 assessments, Gallup Strengths Index, SEI Emotional Intelligence Assessment.

Coaching programs typically extend to 10 sessions, bookended by an introductory session to set the tone and context for the program, and a reflective review and post-program action setting session. Intervals between sessions can be as short as a week and are not recommended to run to more than 8 weeks.


Practice Leaders

The Coaching Practice is led by Shane McNulty and Tim Collings, supported by 3 additional Coaches, Penny Litras, Adam Callender and Barbara Meister.  All coaches are qualified either by the Institute of Executive Coaching & Leadership (IECL Australia) or Gallup Strengths Coaching.

Our Coaches


Tim Collings

Founder, CEO, Director


Penny Litras

Founder - Leadership Wellness Coach


Adam Callender

Practice Lead - Go to Market


Shane McNulty

Director, Practice Leader Coaching & Consulting


Sean Grey

Practice Leader & Leadership Coach


Barbara Meister

Transformation Consultant & Principal Coach


Morgan Jones

Executive Coach


Ray Borg

Leadership Coach & Organisational Consultant

Inform(pre/post promotion)


Purpose of program; to maximise the beneficial outcomes of a promotion ensuring the transition is as smooth as possible whilst minimising any potential negative impacts on performance.


Key Tools & Methodologies

  • 4i Situational perception audit
  • SEI Emotional Intelligence Assessment
  • Strengths based leadership (founded on Gallup Strength’s index assessment)
  • Peer-to-leader transition plan
  • 4i ‘Be Well Lead Well’ program – stress and burn-out mitigating wellness education and planning


Expected outcomes; accelerate promotion, increase productivity and commercial outcomes post-promotion, minimise potential for post-promotion failure or burn-out.


Improve(remediate under-performance)


Purpose of program; intervention program to minimise duration of sub-optimal performance by offsetting issues inhibiting performance and providing a platform for planned recovery to expected performance levels. 


Key Tools & Methodologies

  • Weekly coaching sessions, extended to fortnightly once situation has stabilised.
  • 4i Situational perception audit
  • 4i Capability assessment and development strategy
  • Strengths based development (founded on Gallup Strength’s index assessment)
  • 4i Planning and tactical deployment
  • 4i Focus and consistency


Expected outcomes – minimise potential for catastrophic failure & accelerate return to or exceed baseline performance within the duration of the program.


Innovate(Leading in uncertainty)


Purpose of Program – by providing a range of tools and insights, enhance Participant’s ability to lead through periods of change and uncertainty by increasing resilience, adaptability, risk appreciation and failure tolerance – not only applied to themselves but through their adoption of these practices to the teams they lead.


Key Tools & Methodologies:

  • Scenario Planning
  • Change Leadership
  • Agile Thinking & Commercial Endurance Training
  • Risk assessment and presentation
  • Learn from Adversity & Resilience Program
  • Strengths based assessment and offset planning
  • Stakeholder influencing


Expected outcomes – improved outcomes during times of market shift originated organisational stress including greater commercial performance, higher retention, stronger brand, increased likelihood of innovative strategy delivering creative new products or services ahead or in response to market changes.

Inspire(enhance and optimise established leadership capability)


Purpose of Program – focusing on subtle changes to style, focus and confidence to induce a dramatic positive shift in team engagement, internal stakeholder and external customer perception with correlated improvement in commercial outcomes.


Key Tools & Methodologies


  • SEI (Emotional Intelligence assessment & development strategy)
  • Strengths based leadership (founded on Gallup Strength’s index assessment)
  • Lead Well Be Well (wellness for leadership activation)
  • 4i Passive-Present Leadership program


Expected outcomes – significant development of leadership ability with concurrent enhancement in commercial outcomes, employee engagement and internal productivity.