4i Group



4i Consulting projects, programs and workshop series are designed to optimise client outcomes by informing best investment of time and capital to improve current leadership capability, inspire enhanced engagement and innovate leadership of product, process and service development.

Utilising best-practice Research and Facilitation methodologies to discover and correlate data from Client sources, public domain and customised in-market sources based on targeted surveying and provide tailored forums to deliver impactful content and nurture leadership development.

Expected outcomes - improved culture, greater productivity, stronger organisational resilience, enhanced risk assessment, more positive ROI on innovation.

Practice Leaders
The 4i Consulting Practice is led by Penny Litras and Shane McNulty. Penny has over 15 years experience in Research and Training and Development spent between several international Consulting firms. Shane has spent over 20 years  leading divisions of major corporates who independent businesses, and prior to this held a role with KPMG Consulting.

Our current programs in the 'inform' section of the Consulting practice include;


Organisational Design – workforce planning; focusing on mid-to-senior level managers, designing complex structures to prepare for future demands and potential disruptions.


Culture Calibration – specifically tailored data led program, combining survey and interviews on a trifecta of internal and external sources to correlate and verify varying perspectives on organisational culture and it’s effectiveness for customer experience and achieving targeted organisational outcomes.


Diversity Assessment – detailed analysis of targeted benchmarks either across aligned markets or specific organisations to compare leadership diversity and provide recommendations for how to increase resilience and creativity through planned enhancement of diversity.

Our current programs in the 'improve' section of the Consulting practice include;

Organisational Development – intervention programs tailored to enhancing key organisational strengths or mitigating weaknesses. Through consultation with key stakeholders and decision-makers, building on baseline data outcomes and corresponding recommendations. The later are based extensive commercial experience of 4i practice leaders, customised for each individual client or stakeholder to improve insight and decision-making outcomes.

Our current programs in the 'innovate' section of the Consulting practice include;

Innovative leadership, a workshop series engaging cross-hierarchical senior leaders focusing on best practices for fostering individual and collective behaviours and culture for optimal innovation.

Leading Successful Innovation, customer led, research driven Innovation program – 12-week program including Board & ELT engagement, customer and internal market-facing team discovery workshops to develop a concise, verified and investment-ready pipeline of innovation projects, potentially selected from products, services or processes


Our current programs in the 'inspire' section of the Consulting practice include;

Leadership team vision & values facilitation – combination of engagement sessions with key leadership cultural definers followed by facilitated workshop series to engage broader leadership team with defined culture, foster suitable behaviours and initiated deeper cultural transmission into the entire organisation.

Leadership team harmonisation & calibration workshops – engagement sessions with the senior leadership team focusing on aligning behaviours, priorities and leadership approaches with strategic objectives.