4i Group



The 4i Talent Practice delivers programs which can be deployed individually or in combination to optimise the performance of our client organisation’s current and future leadership talent.

These programs have been developed both in response to specific client requests, and in our anticipation of market demand and future challenges.

Our programs are optimally delivered in conjunction with client organisation Executive, HR or cross-functional senior leadership complimenting and enhancing existing practices.

Expected outcomes are an improved talent development baseline, including more high-performing hires, better hiring practices, more efficient on-boarding processes, stronger post-hire engagement, greater performance of recent and future hires, higher retention rates, more diverse and resilient talent base.


Practice Leaders.

The Talent Practice is led by 4i Founders Penny Litras and Tim Collings. Penny and Tim have combined experience of over 30 year’s in talent engagement and retention solutions, from the Boardroom through to mid-level management covering a dozen sectors across Asia Pacific and Europe.

Our current programs in the 'inform' section of the Talent practice include;


How to Hire.

A facilitated workshop series focusing on the following areas, tailored to client organisation requirements;

  • Consistent hiring practices; brand messaging through hiring process including, advertising, job profiles, agency briefing,
  • Interview frameworks; including portrayal of organisation current & future state, behavioural vs technical interview questioning, orientation and scheduling of interviewers, scaling intensity through the interview process, 360 interviews
  • Assessment deployment; use & interpretation, anticipated bias and how to use pre and post-hire, technical vs psychometric vs emotional intelligence


REM: Provides HR teams and cross functional managers with remuneration benchmarks within the market and provides recommendations for grades of remuneration and what the remuneration within those levels should be. 


Our current programs in the 'improve' section of the Talent practice include;


Search – Research led ‘best in market’ hiring approach approaching targeted individuals in chosen organisations, sectors and geographies.


Selection – Advertising and network led ‘best available’ hiring approach deploying a finely tuned, highly efficient engagement of the active hiring market.


Our current programs in the 'innovate' section of the Talent practice include;


Talent Pipeline

Research led, structured framework aligning organisational strategic outcomes with long-term hires.  Engaging internal stakeholders with prospective hires as far as 24 months out from anticipated hire.  Outcomes include improved sustainable scalability, succession planning, increased organisational creativity, diversity, resilience.


Developing Diversity: Working with organisations and individuals within these organisations to improve diversity to benefit creativity and organisational resilience.


Our current programs in the 'inspire' section of the Talent practice include;

How to Retain Program: An organization-wide framework, provides HR Teams and cross functional hiring managers with, clearly aligned guidelines, reflecting best practices in employee retention, engagement and motivation.

Grow: Individualised programs assessing and developing current teams and reducing retention risks.