Our Impact

At 4i, we assess impact and the value impact generates.

We do so by assessing the work we do with our clients, which you’ll find more information about on the Services page.

The 4i team members focus is on leadership that strives to make not just people and their companies better, but the world better too. Our impact is where we share our contribution to improving, enhancing and enabling a better world to be built alongside the work we do directly with clients.

In our work, we minimise the potential for harm to our planet, by committing to being a climate positive organisation. To do so, we partner with Ecologi to mitigate the climate contribution of each of our employees.

Honouring our values of commitment, care and integrity, 4i shares below how we are ourselves impacting to make the world better; alongside the work we do with leaders. In addition, honouring our value of courage, 4i is proud to show here what our support demonstrates we stand for, and what we stand against.

Furthermore, honouring our value of collaboration, our clients are able to select which of these areas or specific projects they prefer the donation is allocated to, from the work we are doing with them.

This is where we measure our impact, and you can too.

As an organisation, we make on-going donations to these great causes.

Our Giving to help build a better world…

We are proud to be a B1G1 Champion, directly donating to numerous projects that progress the Global Development Goals, as well as advocating for other organisations to engage with B1G1 as the platform for their giving.

Our client engagements enables us to contribute to a number of projects aligned to the Global SDGs. You can see the latest updates on our giving on the B1G1 map and impacts feed below. 

Our clients can select which of our nominated projects the donation from their project is allocated to, or they can opt for a specific project from the 100s of worthy initiatives B1G1 supports.

100% of the money we donate goes directly to the causes we support. 

If you’re inspired by the work B1G1 does, you can head over to b1g1.com to begin your giving journey. Use code GIVING125 to get a head start on making the world better through giving as a business for good.