Culture is the universal conductor for leadership, team performance and organisational success. Consulting frameworks provide the architecture for conducive sustainable values-driven culture.


Capability is the talent that leaders walk in the door with, combining innate faculties and learnt experiences. We ensure you attract and engage the capabilities your organisation requires to succeed.


Behaviours are the medium through which leadership impacts are felt, either inspiring and engaging or disrupting and diminishing organisations goals. Coaching enables optimal leadership behaviour.


Knowledge is the dance partner of change, requiring continual update, revision and enhancement. Our leadership courses keep you on your toes, informed and developing with or ahead of shifting leadership demands.


Clarity provides confidence that leadership decision making is verified, transparent and measurable over time with quantifiable ROI.

How we understand

How we interpret

How we develop

How we verify

Our customers experiences with us...

Damian Richards
National Sales Manager
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Systems Change Manager

Where to begin?

Understanding You

We take the time to understand your context, the particular issues that you face today, and anticipate in the future. We apply our model to these specific criteria in order to best serve you.

No ‘cookie cutters’ here.

The first step is for us to listen, ask questions and allow you to explore the opportunities you wish to create.

Sound good?

We can then establish and verify your challenges with data, seek out the causal factors and identify the fastest uplift opportunities. From here, we design and embed, in collaboration with you, a platform for ongoing success, using only the interventions from our model which will deliver the highest return on your investment.


PCS (Performance Climate System) is a unique team and leadership capability alignment tool. PCS works by focusing on leadership and team performance assessed across 6 areas. PCS has demonstrated that culture at a team level (referred to as Climate) is the most significant influence on organisational performance, and that leadership is the greatest influence on team culture.

PCS has been developed and researched over 15 years and used over 25,000 times in 20 countries. The models driving the tool are Tuckman’s Stages of Team Formation and Kirkman’s Modes of Conflict. In Australia, the 4iGroup is one of the first organisations to be certified to deploy PCS.

PCS provides an objective & independent measure of effectiveness and alignment between the leader and their team. It provides a clear roadmap for enhancing leader and team performance. Priority development areas can be easily identified, and appropriate focus and actions applied. PCS is a highly visual tool and is a powerful engagement framework to measure performance improvement over time.

PCS can be used alongside individual personality surveys, as well as in a stand-alone mode on team performance. After the initial survey, the organisation can work with the team leader with external support as needed to activate their own and the team’s development, either through capability development or culture enhancement.

Observation Study

4iGroup consultants are well versed in observation studies that may include combined survey, interviews as well as analysis of team behaviours.

We undertake an assessment of underlying performance activators/obstacles within a team, or organisation-wide, and then report outcomes and potential solutions.

The overview of such an engagement may include some or all of the following: multi-modal deployment, combining tailored surveys, one-on-one interview and extensive observation of the team or whole organisation interacting together in BAU; inter-function meetings and cross-function meetings/interactions. There may be a focus on head of function, key leaders within the group and/or a sample of the population of the group at all levels.

Anticipated Outcomes should be the identification of underlying issues, prioritisation of these, recommendation for solutions to overcome obstacles and enabling performance activators. Potential solutions (to be provided supplementary to this program) include coaching to activate new behaviours, assessments to provide further data if required around strengths & development areas (e.g. Clifton Strengths Finder, MSCEIT EQ Assessment), specific training if required (e.g. improve EQ), re-design of roles to better fit strengths, re-deployment into changed roles if required, and replacement of personnel if required.


Our model can serve...

Individual Leaders

  • Individually tailored learning and coaching programs
  • Individual assessments
  • Specific talent engagements.
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  • Group learning for coaching programmes
  • Team assessments and measures
  • Team consulting engagements on values, building and mentoring.
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  • Organisation-wide assessments and measures
  • Organisation-wide consulting
  • Strategic talent planning.
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Our Services


Enhancing Behaviour

Individual Coaching
Team Coaching

Individual Coaching Elements

We provide an array of coaching offerings which can be tailored into programs as required to enhance the leadership of each of our individual customers. The experience of all programs are underpinned by our 5 principal values, individual desired outcomes and learning requirements.

Executive Coaching

Face-to-face coaching in either our offices or our customer spaces. Sessions typically run between 90 and 120 minutes. These sessions are best for exploring complex topics, uncovering and improving behavioural drivers and revealing and activating unrecognised potential.

Virtual-on-demand coaching

Digital platform-based coaching sessions typically run for 60 minutes. Best for focusing on key priorities and established themes. In addition, navigating proximate landscapes of challenges and opportunities reinforcing desired outcomes, pursuing goals and providing an accountability framework.

Immersion Day

Day long session with main coach. Can be standalone or catalyst for on-going program. Provides significant insight into core development ideas with content to work on independently or to focus on, in further coaching sessions. Sessions delivered in multi-modal format to ensure engagement and optimum participation.

Content sessions

Delivered by main coach, focus on a key topic of development. Providing curated best practice within a coaching dialogue to provide pragmatic applicable learning immediately. 90 minute session.

Subject matter expert coaching

Led by a 4i subject matter expert coach, focussing on a specific topic or area of development in which they are a recognised expert. Topics include leading transformation, leading virtual teams, developing emotional intelligence and executive career guidance. 90 minute session.

An assessment de-brief coaching session

Linked to an assessment in the clarity practice, a 1-hour long session with a coach certified in the relevant topic who will review knowledge gained and set out applicable achievements.

Practice Overview

Customer Experience


Builds culture

Creating Culture
High Performance Teams
Leadership Brand Health Check
Leading Transformations

Our team of experienced C-Level Executives and management consultants work with CEOs and senior leaders to build tailored frameworks, based on the insights provided by assessments from the clarity practice. This work establishes an indicative baseline for team and organisational ROI. We focus on the following area.

Working on behalf of and in conjunction with the leadership team or the Board, we leverage the 4i Clarity practice to first provide a data set for the current organisational culture context, performance enablers and causal roots of cultural based performance restraints. This baseline highlights both risks and development opportunities. We then work in a hands-on, immersive way throughout the organisation developing frameworks for values, behaviours and accountability to provide a sustainable promotable culture.

Practice Overview

Customer Experience

“4i’s observations and measurement tools verified exactly where the issues lay, and the program they designed and delivered has dramatically improved both culture and performance”

HRD Australia, Global Technology Company


Improves Capability

Internal Sourcing Partnership

Our customers tell us this is the most thorough and diligent talent process they have ever experienced.

This unique program combines research-led ‘best in market’ talent identification, optimised verification and assessment modes through a 3-stage vetting process, and engagement of the team and internal stakeholders maximising pre-hire engagement and post-hire impact with both candidate and key internal influencers.

Suitable for executive roles, key senior management appointments and complex, critical or highly commercially sensitive hires. An exemplary client brand experience for all candidates throughout all stages of the process.

Key process elements include:

  • Market research generated candidate pool
  • Amplified candidate attraction via client site on 4i website, including hiring manager, stakeholder interviews and team interviews
  • PCS measurement provides objective transparency of current context, and increased impact in first 100 days
  • Interviews verification via multi-modal assessment to mirror anticipated leadership conditions
  • Range of assessments from the 4i Clarity practice verify Emotional Intelligence, Decision-making consistency & rational vs bias-based judgement
  • Panel interview including 4i talent practitioner, 4i subject matter expert and hiring stakeholders including team members
  • Post placement service; Coaching 6-12 months after start date, repeat PCS measurement verification after 9 months, 12-month fee guarantee

Practice Overview

Customer Experience


Enhances Knowledge


For leaders seeking to invest in their own learning and development via self-led digital learning program supported by peer group interactions and one-on-one coaching as required. Click the button below to see our range of courses.

Review our courses.

Course topics include:

  • Developing Emotional Intelligence
  • Virtual Leadership
  • Productivity for knowledge-centred teams
  • Executive Career Guidance.

Practice Overview

Customer Experience

“4i provided us with a performance management program which he delivered across Australia, Thailand, Holland and Germany, providing consistent knowledge and skills uplift across our teams globally”

Head of L&D, Global Financing Company


Interpreting Data


In our data-centric world, we recognise that interpreting information to enable investment decisions for leadership and culture development is fundamental. We have compiled a unique range of empirically based measurements and analysis tools to inform our customer and client’s decision making and which are combined with the intervention modes of the 4i Model.

Individual assessments for Talent verification & coaching program benchmarking that 4i offer are:

  • Disc Personality Types Profile
  • MSCEIT emotional intelligence measure
  • 6 Seconds Emotional Intelligence Capability Index
  • Clifton Strengths Assessment
  • Rational Quotient Index
  • Cognitive Ability Assessment.

Practice Overview

Customer Experience

“The time 4i took to understand our organisation, especially our culture, using an objective set of tools, provided us a platform of insight to develop our leaders from, and was critical to the success of our recent transformation of the organisation.”

MD, Multinational Technology Company