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Be the Best Version of Yourself Part 1: Challenges for High Achievers: Value and Transform Space for Personal Growth

During my study as an architect, I got quickly familiarised with the concept of Space & Form – the importance of treating space between and within form anything but as void; shaping space to create form, including space in the creation of form and transforming space to form. My excitement about creating stylish, extraordinary and unique forms – houses, museums, restaurants etc – was initially tampered; it took me a while to understand the interdependencies and importance to master both equally only allows the sustainable creation of living forms.

The appreciation of valuable, meaningful Spaces is not only critical in architecture to create cities, community and living spaces, but also is one of the key requirements in nature to allow organisms to exist and grow; plants and trees need the depth to access nutrition and the light and space to expand. We can simply ignore the necessity to balance these two elements in architecture – and we all know these terrible places, unusable / unused spaces between buildings and along roads – however nature will not endure disbalance and consequently plants not capable to adapt will die, and trees stop growing.

As high achievers and leaders in fast pacing environments, we are continuously striving for bigger-and-better and aiming to achieve challenging, new goals. Most people in highly competitive environments, with high ambitions and expectations towards themselves and others, don’t allow for a lot of space between or within, or do avoid it. As soon as a goal is hit, there is the move to the next one. Being trapped in accomplishing high level outcomes (‘forms’), the space erodes, loses its value and is perceived as a ‘downer’, waste time and unnecessary.

While continuously pushing my boundaries and challenging myself to achieve new goals (and yes, my bucket list is immensely long!), I’m consciously trying to manage and balance my life as a successful architect. Space is crucial for me – in many ways it allows me to transform and create my goals to sustain authentic, enabling me to reflect, validate, adjust my directions and grow. Don’t give me wrong – at times it can be more challenging to deal with space than avoiding it, especially after achieving a big, challenging goal and not having immediately lined up another one.

To create my personal meaningful, valuable space, I chose to transform my space into quality time and prioritising my passions – being creative and doing sport resulting in physical and mental health; I truly enjoy experimenting with my camera and creating new realities, pushing hard at Crossfit to improve my stamina, strength and endurance every day, but also allocate the same amount of time to balance with yoga, swimming and walks at the beach, improving flexibility, resilience and mindfulness. It gives me the opportunity to transform myself and others, reach true objectivity of the things I want to achieve – my goals and future accomplishments – and be the best version of myself!

I wish you can welcome and prioritise opportunities to create your meaningful space, empowering you to transform and grow.

Author: Barbara Meister, Transformation Lead, Executive Coach at ‘4iGroup’, NED at ‘Share The Spark’
Part I of Series ‘Be the Best Version of Yourself – Be the Best You!’