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Four Arrows awakens us that our fundamental worldview is driving the problems at the heart of, and preventing the solutions to, our greatest crises.

Our conversation with Four Arrows focuses on how fundamental worldviews are to inform our interpretations of the world around us, informing and guiding our decisions, interactions with our fellow humans and the more than human world, and influencing our actions and how we perceive the consequences of those actions on others.

Pivotal to this discussion an invitation exploring your relationship with the more than human world, especially the plant world, as an exploratory way of practicing this shift of worldview in a practical way.

We explore cultural appropriation, the increasing understanding of this in non-Indigenous people and emerging sensitivity to this, and that the frame of a ‘Kinship worldview’ provides a pathway to navigate this appropriately.

We also share our hopes for the possible futures of our worlds, especially in relation to climate change, and our personal journeys of hope which have shifted for both of us over years of lived experience and deep reflection, and what’s possible when we move beyond courage into a fearless trust in the universe.F

our Arrows and I hope you enjoy this conversation, and look forward to any responses or experiences you’d like to share with us.

Key Frameworks introduced:

– Worldview shift to Restore the Kinship Worldview

– Worldsensing as an expansion of worldview

– 40 Precepts for rebalancing life on Planet Earth

– CAT-FAWN (Concentration Activated Trance

– Fear Authority Words Nature)

Key Concepts discussed:- Shifting of worldviews fundamental to restorative & regenerative transformation- What is world-sensing and why is it important to consider shifting beyond world-views- Moving beyond courage into fearless trust in the universeKey Prompts to Practice provided:

  • Look at the worldview chart with intention and you’ll figure out what to do!

Available here –

  • Go and interact with a plant or tree, and before you do so, ask for permission to interact. Wait for a response. Note the affect of this on your being state.

Suggested practices recommended:Consider 1 or 2 of the precepts each day and ponder where you are on the range between the contrasting world-views.Additional resources;

Full length video of this conversation

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