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Welcome to Better World Leaders – Season 6; Frameworks for co-creating better worlds

Introducing the sixth season of Better World Leaders, focused on frameworks for you, and all you lead striving to co-create better worlds.

Frameworks have become essential and integral to my way of being, learning and developing and I’m delighted to be co-creating conversations with the sources of many of the incredible frameworks for knowing, being and doing which are guiding the emergence of better worlds and futures.

Here’s who you can look forward to experiencing co-created dialogue with…Carol Sanford, Giles Hutchins, Paul Hawken, Four Arrows, Tim Hollo, Zoë Routh, Michelle Maloney, Sally Gilespie, Karen O’Brien, Curtis Ogben, Claire O’Rourke, Samantha Slade, Mel Gletch, Daniel Hires, Melanie Goodchild, David Drake and more to be confirmed! 

I’m super excited to be bringing this season to you, as in many ways this will be our greatest endeavour yet! 3 things are certain, this season will be our longest yet, more practical, the most reference-able and contain the most pathways for you to access both the guidance of the guests and the developmental potential of the Better World Leaders community!

Accompanying each episode will be a reflective article and video sharing more of my thoughts and experiences on the frameworks discussed and how I’ve been using and applying them, along with additional prompts for you to consider.I’ll also be inviting you to join hosted live events throughout the year, both reflective community gatherings to discuss and explore further the frameworks shared in the podcast episodes and supporting resources, and live events with opportunities to interact with guests directly. Register here for the first of these events in late March.

In every way, welcome to Season Six of Better World Leaders – the conversation with Carol Sanford is up first broadcast on February 15!