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Leaders’ Kitbag – November 2019

Hi and welcome back to the 4iGroup monthly Leader’s Kitbag – our compilation of items to help leaders learn, lead better and thrive themselves.

It’s November already! Still plenty of time for us to add value to your leadership journey, share ideas and insights that we’ve come across this month as we continue to strive to improve our leadership and inspire yours.

This edition is a little shorter than some recent ones – I confess I have been devoting more of my non-delivery time than usual to tactical matters, putting the final touches on our new website (see the last section). Nevertheless I hope the content here gives you some food for thought, inspiration or at least entertainment as we head towards the next and final edition of Leader’s Kitbag for 2019. See you all in December!

To everyone, thanks in advance for your time and attention devoted to the Kitbag, as always I welcome your comments so do reply if you’ve got any thoughts or suggestions on this month’s recommendations.

All the best,

Tim & all at 4iGroup

To watch

If you’d like to take just 1 minute, I put a video up a few weeks ago sharing a practice that I’ve adopted of taking 60 Seconds of Stillness, stopping at a lookout on my commute home, to pause and reflect on the day, let whatever stress or success I’ve encountered settle, and transition from the work day into home time. If If that sounds good, and you’d like to share my way of doing this, click here for the clip on youtube

And for something not strictly work related, but still very much topical for leadership – how about we talk about values setting at home? The values of the future leaders we care the most about – our kids – can be collaboratively defined and are most significantly reinforced with you beside them at home. A great discussion here with Wharton psychologist Adam Grant (3mins on

To read

A reasonably quick one for HBR (7mins) and a very interesting an important one for me, and any of you like me who continually challenge the great assumption that when it comes to hiring, someone whose done it before will be best placed to do it again – simply put, this article empirically shows that experience doesn’t predict performance…click here for the article on

A couple of longer reads here for anyone who, like me, is working on movement, staying mobile and fit whilst being extremely busy. And also, frankly, getting older, needing to pay attention to things like mobility, stretching and functional strength. At the ripe age of 39, it’s taken me far too long to recover from a running injury I picked up in January, only now returning to my beloved trail runs. This book – Rebound, by Peter Park – has been integral to getting me back on the trails… and for the time poor Exec, how about a work out in a minute? Yes, in fact 3 sets of 20 seconds. Take a look at The One Minute Workout by Martin Gibala

Another short and engaging read (8mins) from the BBC on the dangers of not living your corporate mission, especially in regards to engaging and retaining your millennial employees. Values is such a core focus in our coaching and consulting engagements that I couldn’t let this one go by without including it – Click here to view on BBC Worklife

To listen…

An interesting broadcast that I came across this month from Tim Brown of IDEO U, discussing something that we have spoken about with many of our developing leaders during the course of our Coaching sessions – that leadership is not about having all the answers. Click here for the 25min conversation with Tim on Soundcloud

An insightful broadcast from McKinsey’s podcast on how gender diversity in the C-suite, demonstrating that the more diverse a company, the higher the performance – Click here to listen to the audio clip on

And just one final thingour new website to add value to your leadership journey...

I am delighted to announce that last Friday we launched our new website – check it out at

The purpose of this site is to add value to your leadership journey, allowing you to easily access not only our range of leadership development services when you need us to work directly with you or your team, but also to provide access to leadership learning materials and insights in the way that you learn best, watching, listening or reading. I’m very proud of this leap forward from the last version of the site, and will look forward to hearing any thoughts or feedback you have.

Thanks for your time and attention – here’s to your onward leadership journey, we hope that this edition of Leader’s Kitbag has added to today’s step along the road.