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IMAGINE WHAT LEADERSHIP CAN BE: Creating certainty in the uncertain

4i comprise the leadership principles of Imagine, Ignite, Immerse, and Inspire.

This video explores imagine the future through planning and visionary leadership.

Believe it or not, many people have time imagining a future and bringing it to fruition.

We know it’s possible by leading forward.

The 4i Lead Forward model is defined as:

1. Imagine – Becoming both a visionary and grounding leader begins with imagination – we guide you in the process. To imagine is the foundational phase to establish the long-term vector basic leadership principles and establishing a vision.

2. Ignite – Combining purpose, passion, and progress towards a multi-layered, vectored target point that will ignite and motivate. To ignite includes specific, actionable steps to imagine, reimagine, and drive progression in every phase of your visionary development.

3. Immerse – Embracing deep learning in key focus areas that will guide your development as a visionary leader. To immerse includes developing new or enhancing key leadership capabilities and behaviours that are essential tenets of all successful leaders.

4. Inspire – Throughout the development of the foundation of Imagine, Ignite, and Immerse we help you develop will established behaviours of successful, visionary leaders. To inspire means to motivate and enable more collaborative, productive, and inspired teams.

As an inspirational you leader you become self-actualised while activating visionary leadership principles that guide other leaders to actualise visions.

The 4i Leadership – Lead Forward tenets inspire visionary leadership through practical principles and action, ignites purpose, passion, and progress, immerses leadership in developing key visionary leadership skills, capabilities, and behaviours, all while actualising visionary leadership.