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Together is how we achieve the bigger outcome.

Leadership lessons from Aboriginal culture in Episode 3 of Better World Leaders with Ben Bowen, Co-Founder and Partner of Shared Path.

Production Disclaimer – this Episode was recorded during the height of the Co-Vid19 restrictions in Sydney, Australia. Ben was at home with his wife and young kids when we recorded this conversation. He too refuge in the backyard for the discussion, and is accompanied throughout by warbling magpies and other urban background sounds. He was on an iPad and the camera angle shifts from time to time. We hope that you will forgive these technical issues and not allow them to diminish the intention of the content we aim to create and the knowledge that Ben has to share.

Ben’s career began as a pro-endurance athlete and after a sizeable bump on the road, transitioned into applying high performance insights and Aboriginal knowledge into social enterprise and corporate capability development internationally.

Ben is Co-Founder and Partner of Shared Path, a social enterprise that works to positively impact social issues within Aboriginal communities by achieving economic independence through business development. Shared Path also work globally with First Nations peoples as members of the UN Permanent Forum for Indigenous Peoples, developing technology platforms that enable and protect the custodianship of knowledge.

Ben is a specialist innovator who is able to identify and implement strategies that empower all team members to perform at the best. Ben has been working in multiple fields as a consultant and brings his own unique style to supporting organisations.

Within the disability sphere to create outdoor programs that challenge participants and support their personal development of positive coping strategies.

In the corporate and government sphere Ben has been driving change through a unique approach of Aboriginal cultural learning and practices to develop strategic planning, communication, change management and team building programs.

Ben also works within the tertiary education lecturing in Aboriginal Education and Indigenous Public Health to develop the next generations of professionals perform at their best, as well as business units around social enterprise development, entrepreneurship in rural and remote settings, ethics and thought leadership in business.

The key messages I received from this conversation were;

– That a change is required in how businesses view ‘successful growth’, not as exponential and constant, but to reach a growth target and maintain it sustainably.

– To avoid disruption and build sustainable growth, organisations should focus not on eliminating single problems but linking issues to address the larger global solution.

– Build communities within employees, consumers and customers to leverage ‘small networks’, focusing on the leaders of these and seeking to engage with collective leadership.

– Discover the power of storytelling for communication, critically how to ensure core values and organisational ethos are prominent consistently to improve reliability of messaging and knowledge transfer throughout hierarchies, geographies and languages.

– How to communicate from a human perspective, both to mitigate the risk and enable the best outcome from visual communication modes.

– That to build momentum leaders should bring together and empower teams most effectively at the beginning, end and during a change phase. If this is done correctly the steerage of direction and maintaining of pace becomes much easier.

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