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Everyone is a leader in their own right

Alison Fischer; Abuse Survivor. Leadership Lighthouse. Trusted Advisor.

Better World Leaders, Episode 4

This week’s guest is Alison Fischer, who shares her incredible journey of resilience and perseverance. A champion for survivors of domestic abuse, inspirational speaker and leadership consultant to entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Alison is a survivor, an executive, a ‘People-First’ leader, Mom to two beautiful girls, a loyal friend and hopeless romantic. Alison’s career spans two decades in corporate, including both thriving cultures in established companies and start-ups, as well as times spent in toxic environments with very little positive leadership. During much of this time she was enduring a violent domestic relationship, which she compartmentalised and did not disclose to her colleagues and leaders. Finally, a fractured bone was the final straw as a catalyst to make a change for good.

Alison’s mission today is to provide support to those that have none. No mentors, no guides, no one to lean in to during challenging times – as a lighthouse for leaders, executives and survivors alike to live and lead a life with confidence and conviction, not settling for less than they deserve.

Key messages from this conversation;- Alison’s EPIC leadership model.- Everyone is a leader in their own right.- Collectively we make change. Every voice is important, but collectively we are better- Great leaders do not make it about them, they bring other people up, make people better and the world better.- Great leaders create a movement because it’s not about them, it’s about the greater good.- How to become a better world leader; focus on active listening, find clarity in your mission or purpose, be empathetic, put people first always.

Alison is providing 1 hour of free coaching to survivors of domestic abuse throughout the month of May. She also provides Confidence Coaching to Leaders, Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners. 

You can connect with Alison via her linkedin profile here or via email on