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We really need to do better things, not just do things better…

Better World Leaders Episode 18, with Natural Intelligence researcher, Leen Gorissen.

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Of the conversations we’ve had so far on Better World Leaders, this is the one that most fills me with hope. Hope that there is another way for us to exist, grow, succeed and live virtuously in a way that leads to prosperity, vitality and opportunity for far more of the world. And vitally, that we do all of this in a way that benefits our world, rather than compromises it.

This is the conversation with Leen Gorissen about natural intelligence. That by studying natural systems design, natural modes of sharing and distributing resources we as leaders can learn another way to thrive. By understanding what to some is intuitive, but of which all can be informed, how nature teaches us to connect, collaborate and operate collectively.

Leen is the Author of ‘Natural Intelligence’, as fixating and brilliant a read as it is a practical manual for any organisation or leader seeing to engage with more intuitive, evolutionary and biologically orientated ways of leading.
This is my favourite book of the year, but don’t just take it from me – here is what the former EU Commissioner of the Environment, Janez Potocnik, said about the book on NI:

“The circular bio-based economy is the oldest concept on the earth. Nothing is lost and everything has a purpose. It makes sense to embrace it and behave accordingly. In essence there is only one question we have to answer: Do we agree that we humans are part of the nature too? Natural Intelligence provides a very convincing, clear and un-disputable answer.”

As this conversation flows through a number of sections, I’m adding a couple of suggested short-cuts for those who are interested in this subject but may wish to sample some of the recommendations before listening to the entire conversation.

As this is one of our longer episodes to date, you may wish to skip ahead to the allocated time marks if these topics are of interest to you, see below;
Key out-takes from this episode;

– Bottom up movements help actually realise systemic change

– The land can be our teacher, as it was for Leen

– Are our organisations becoming monoculture of thought? If so, be aware that monocultures of crop and monocultures of thought are very vulnerable when it comes to disruption and change (Tune in from 21min39)

– Diversity keeps the door open to new innovations, and is the door of opportunity for new solutions (Tune in from 23min40)

– Can we ‘re-nature’ human nature, to move beyond our current focus on industrial logic?

– How can we re-arrange our businesses to leave the world better off as we succeed in doing our work?

– Organisations need to invest in the health of others to ensure the health of their own. Example of VISA.

– If we can understand biology we can unlock the hidden potential of systems and organisations.

– Leaders must begin this process by waking themselves up. Ask what is your true essence and what is the role you are here to play?

– How do your specific talents meet the needs of the world? (Tune in from 54min56)

– Have the courage to go for it and change what needs to be changed.

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