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Investing in key individuals…

How do you decide who in your team to invest in, with only limited time & resources available? This is the question we address in this week’s Time with Tim…

Overview of this topic in a little over 5mins
In depth exploration of this topic in under 10mins…

How to select key individuals – consider these criteria;

Who creates the most values?

Who most lives your organisation/teams values?

Who have most successfully adapted during CoVid?

How to engage and decide what to invest with?

Ask what they need to make an even greater contribution. Then consider do they need more from you (time, effort, reward, input – and can you deliver these things with the resources you have?)

If the support can’t come from you, does it come from an external source? If so, is the source a coach, a mentor, a teacher, a peer, a connection from another firm or industry who can share ideas…there are many ways to provide external support.

What will work best for the individual you want to develop?