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The world demands a new kind of leadership, and this change needs to happen rapidly and radically

Welcome to Episode 20 of Better World Leaders, our conversation with Adaptive Leadership expert, Brandon Srot.

We’ve have been fortunate to have several deeply moving conversations with Brandon about the role of leaders over the years, and I’m very glad to have been able to create another one here to share with you all.

Brandon was born and raised in Apartheid South Africa, and we begin our conversation recounting salient moments of his upbringing which framed his views of the world, viscerally confronting inequality of opportunity, access to resources and education that need not always constrain the realisation of human potential.

From these early beginnings, he has devoted himself to the development of human potential and connection. His own leadership journey has taken him through tenures in Not-for-Profit, as a Youth Councillor for the City of Cape Town, and as the Australian Chair for a Global Youth Organisation.

He now practices as a psycho-therapist, leadership facilitator and educator – including as a lecturer in Adaptive Leadership. He works with leaders to face the complex challenges they encounter to which there are no set-out, straightforward solutions. As such, we – as humans – are called on to adapt and adjust; to reconfigure our values, loyalties, perceptions and ways of doing things. This requires us to relate and interact with each other in new ways. For Brandon, this is part of leadership. He works with people to develop their relational leadership capacities so that we can meet each other and work with each other in new ways.

Key out-takes from this episode;

– Seeking to develop human potential and connection are the bedrock of the kind of leadership we need today

– So much of the world is crying out for a new kind of leadership

– This change needs to happen rapidly and radically

– That in the world of Adaptive Leadership, leadership is not a noun, it is a verb. It is something we do, and as such is available to us all.

– In Adaptive Leadership we do not refer to leaders, only leadership

– Adaptive Leadership is a change management process. We must ask ourselves what is going to need to occur to cause us to emerge in a different form to the one we entered in.

– We can get seduced by authority in so many different ways.

– Pay attention to the authority relationships in your life

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Read – Leadership on the Line, by Marty Linsky and Ronald Heifetz

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