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Leaders at all levels have the opportunity and obligation to be the custodians of change.

Reflecting on the second season of Better World Leaders.

In this conclusive episode at the end of our scheduled second season, I’ve set out to achieve 4 things. If any of these segments are of greater interest to you than another, you can skip forward to these points in the broadcast (as follows) or simple sit back and let this culmination of Better World Leaders so far roll out in front of you.

Reviewing the stand-out moments to me in Season 2 – from 2min52

Reflecting on the key learnings for leaders and leadership – 8min19

Celebrating and expressing gratitude to the Better World Leaders community that has been gathered thus far – 17min30

Looking ahead and giving an outline of the future state for our next 2 seasons and the broadcasts that will come between now and the launch of the next main season – 21min22

Today we conclude the second season of our podcast, Better World Leaders, and this opening statement summarises our take on the collective wisdom of the 20 guests we’ve co-created conversations with in 2020.

In this reflective episode, we review the highlights of the 12 conversations with leaders who are all striving to make the world better as organisational executives, thought leaders, authors, experts, advocates and entrepreneurs.
Special thanks to all of this seasons’ guests for devoting their time to share wisdom, insights and perspectives – Zoë Routh, Michael Bungay Stanier, Harvee Pene, Dr Adam Fraser, Andrew Hayim de Vries, Simon Carter, Leen Gorissen, Genna Onuchukwu, Brandon Srot, Kirstin Hunter, Kevin Tan and Dr Tom Alan-Livernois.

We hope have benefited from the time and find some space you have made to engage with the content we’ve created over the course of this year in Better World Leaders, or that you will soon if you’ve not had a chance to do so as yet.

Reviewing the stand-out moments and conversations in my view from the second season;

  • There are so many ways to lead in order to make the world better
  • To lead is to step into the opportunity to create positive change, and to pick up the baton of obligation to be a custodian of change that for sustainable good moving towards making our world better
  • Highlights to me as host were the conversations with Leen Gorissen on Natural Intelligence, Michael Bungay Stanier on curiosity, power & authority and both Harvee Pene and Kevin Tan on the connection between purpose and profit.

Reflecting on the key learnings and themes that have emerged and considering the implications of these for leadership:

  • Theme of purpose, with reflective moments in the conversations with Kirstin Hunter, Genna Onuchukwu, Kevin Tan, Harvee Pene and Dr Tom Alan-Livernois.
  • Power & authority, with reflective moments in the conversations with Michael Bungay Stanier, Brandon Srot and Andrew Hayim de Vries.
  • Vital leadership traits to develop and lean into – curiosity, humility & tolerance
  • Critical leadership skills to learn and refine – adaptability, resilience, trust building and sitting with discomfort

Celebration and gratitude;

I’ve been enthralled, delighted and deeply gladdened to see the Better World Leaders message spread so quickly, and be engaged with around the globe.As we broadcast this episode, we’ve had listeners tune in from a wide array of countries including Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Canada, the UK, France, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Ireland, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Poland, India, Singapore, Indonesia, China, Ghana, South Africa and Nigeria and Peru.

Thank you to each and every one of you who has given your time and attention to the content we’ve created – we hope you have enjoyed and benefited from what you have learned from the inspiring leaders we have brought to you.We are also most grateful for all the comments, shares and support we have received from you thus far – please continue to share your thoughts and feedback with us.

Looking ahead;

We have two scheduled seasons in production for 2021. Season 3 will launch in March, with Season 4 in September. Between each season we will broadcast monthly specials – Better World Conversations – which will be contemporary discussions with members of the 4i teams, peer podcasters we are collaborating with and both returning and upcoming guests sharing their perspectives on recent events and the leadership connotations, as well as updating on their own progress in making the world better.

One request – if you are enjoying these episodes and feel that you are benefiting from the learnings we hope to create, please share 1 episode with 1 person that you love, or care deeply about, and anticipate that they will benefit from the wisdom within the conversation. We aim to build our community from the ground up, and your recommendations and curated referrals will be invaluable in creating a movement of leaders who strive to make our world better.

Once again and as always, thank you for your time and attention given to Better World Leaders. We look forward to bringing more insights and learning opportunities to you as we continue with you on this journey.
Until we broadcast again, be well, lead well and build a better world.Tim and the team at Better World Leaders & 4iLeadership

As always, great thanks and appreciation to the team who contributed to bringing Better World Leaders to you;To Brendan Ward for production of all audio recordings and composition and performance of original music throughout each episode.To Cooper and the team at RadioHub studios for technical support and creative guidance during the episodes that are recorded face-to-face. You can find out about Radio Hub’s services here – NokNok Studios for website design, hosting and advice. Find out about NokNok’s awesome services here Cirasa Design for logo and site graphics – Find our about Cirasa’s inspiring work here
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