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What the US election teaches us about leadership…

Welcome to the first of our scheduled Special Editions, this Better World Conversation focused on interpreting the insights for leadership from the US election.

In this discussion we welcome back 3 previous guests – all leadership experts with specific interest and expertise to apply to this contemporary topic of late 2020;

  • Victoria Foster, Brooklyn-based CEO of FutureWomenX, Victoria draws on her career in Investment banking and leadership and organisational development, providing an evocative discussion around unity, interpretation of terms, contribution to leadership and most vitally the role we all have to play in moving the world and the USA forward.
  • Dr Tom Alan-Livernois, Los Angeles-based EVP of 4iLeadership, Tom draws on his career in marketing, entertainment and product development, along with his academic standing with 2 Masters and Doctorate of Education, providing a critique of systems and structures, the power and use of tribalism and group influence and the role of collective endeavour to form paths of progress.
  • Zoë Routh, Canberra-based leadership expert, author and thought-leader, drawing on her own observations and experiences with clients and family in the USA and throughout Asia, providing an active and both serious and playful dialogue on language, systems of power and how to frame unity as a destination whilst recognising the work that must be done to lead through such divisive times.

If you’re curious to find out more about each of these experts, you can do so here…

Victoria Foster;

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Dr Tom Alan-Livernois;

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Zoë Routh;

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We highly recommend Zoë’s podcast – the Zoë Routh Leadership podcast. A segment of this show was broadcast there previously, you can also check out her interview of BWL Host Tim Collings in 2019 here, and see her podcast feed for a vast roll-call of Australian and international leaders and leadership experts.

Zoë’s latest book, People Stuff, is also highly recommended and has been recognised with Business and HR awards in recent months.

Thanks as always to the production team behind this show, primarily Brendan Ward for audio mastery and original composition.

We’ll be back soon with more Better World Conversations, before we return to our weekly seasonal schedule with Better World Leaders Season 3 in March 2021.