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What awaits us in 2021, and what to prepare for?

A very special edition of Better World Leaders with Ben Bowen, Ronan MacDomhnaill and Sue Glendenning.

Welcome to the first episode for 2021 of Better World Leaders, another very special edition with 3 conversations with three guests returning to look ahead at the year we’ve just begun, anticipating what awaits us and provide advice and insights as to how best to prepare for lies ahead.

We’re continuing the format elected to conclude this year with a reflective series of conversations with 3 leaders who have shared their view and insights during 2020. In this episode we posed each of them the same question – What awaits us in 2021 and how to prepare ourselves.

Our guests are;

Ben Bowen – Co-Founder and CEO of Shared Path, an Aboriginal Corporation and tech incubator and community education organisation, who joined us in Season 1 of Better World Leaders sharing his thoughts on the road ahead for all leaders intent on making the world better in 2021.

Sue Glendenning – Founder of Quantum Results Coaching and Advocate for female leadership, sharing insights on language, motivation and making sense of uncertainty. Based in Melbourne, Sue both endured and supported clients and family though a 4 month CoVid lock-down, and shares insights from this experience as well as perspectives from the USA.

Ronan MacDomhnaill – Founder of CRED, multiple Tech-preneur and Neuroscience Coach, Ronan shares deep personal experiences from this year and further back, setting a powerful example of a ‘bounce-back’ and how to lean into empathy, purpose and giving.

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