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Are you paying attention to your intention?

Intentionality drives so much of what we do in work, life and leadership – yet often gets insufficient attention.

Our intentions shape our purpose, define our values and provide fuel to propel us along the pathway of meaningful contribution.

Especially in leadership, where actions compound quickly and influence extends well beyond what we can control – paying attention to our intentions is extremely important.

Also, along with purpose, being bold and declaring our intentions becomes a powerful force, attracting those who hold similar intentions, intriguing those whose intentions might be comparable, and repelling those whose intentions are strictly opposed.

Setting intentions regularly, weekly for sure, daily ideally and potentially more frequently – even before each or early in every interaction – helps hold the attention where it needs to be.

So, as well as our main title question, I invite you to consider these variations to sustain and enhance the focus on your intention;

  • How often do you pay attention to your intention?
  • Do you set a defined intention for a specific time period?
  • Can you link your intention to your purpose?
  • Does your intention drive your goal setting, or do the intentions of others do this for you?
  • When you do pay attention to your intention, what is different about your actions?
  • How can you help others pay attention to their intention?

My response to the main question of ‘are you paying attention to your intention (just so you know) is — “as much as my energy and focus will allow, and always striving to do this better” 

I hope this question has served to help make you a better leader, and to help others along that same journey.

See you soon for more questions in ‘A Year of Better Questions’.