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The most important leader in anyone’s life is themselves

We are delighted to be bringing you our third season of Better World Leaders, commencing with this fun-filled, provocative, introspective and meaningful conversation with a deeply considerate entrepreneur.

Brendan Lo is full of life experience, visionary drive and entrepreneurial boldness – as well as a bit of a prankster attitude! His chosen side-hustle, sustainable underwear brand ‘SmartAss Undies” is as subtly clever as it is brazen.

Brendan’s life journey is a fascinating one, traversing working for over 20 years as a certified Occupational Therapist and Therapy trainer supporting people living with a range of disabilities, as well as a range of introspection inducing personal experiences. His decision to launch SmartAss Undies is born out of many of the motivations we so often discover in Better World Leaders – purpose, impact, legacy – a desire to do better things, not just doing things better!

This attitude personified in Brendan aligns perfectly with this season’s focal theme – Doing Better Things. For those who listened to our past 2 seasons, you’ll recognise that phrase from our conversation with Natural Intelligence researcher Leen Gorrisen. We rise to Leen’s challenge that we must do more than simply ‘doing things better’ and move into doing Better Things, bringing you an array of guests throughout this season who all speak to experience taking bold risks and leading transformational change to reinvent how leaders go about creating a better world.

We’re really looking forward to bringing these conversations to you – we hope you enjoy each and everyone, and find both learning insights and inspiration in every episode.

Key out-takes from this episode;

  • The most important leader in any person’s life is themselves
  • Memory is fallible, and motivation is perishable. Lean into purpose, mission and impact to keep focused on the long road ahead.
  • Creating an observable model is the most effective way to inspire a change the mentality of a community.
  • People as a whole need to be valued for their diversity.
  • Learn to step back, then step in, to move backwards and forwards to explore problems, solutions and options from various perspectives.

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