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We must change what success looks like to create sustainable change and make a better world

This is a deep, informative and inspiring conversation flowing through the peaks and troughs of life and career experience of Tech Entrepreneur Ronan Mac Domhnaill.

Ronan is full of Irish charm, brutal vulnerability and all of the things we see the most from Better World Leaders – the healthy relationship with fear, hearing the call to purpose and taking an action orientated path to overcome adversity and create great impact.

Ronan’s journey to join us on Better World Leaders has taken many twists and turns, from working as a Software Developer to a Neuroscience Coach, from corporate success to entrepreneurial crisis and revival. Throughout all he remains humble, human and focused on serving others.

The key essence of this conversation flows around the notion of success, what a ‘moth to the flame’ like draw the common projection of success can be, the impact that can have on our individual mental health, our relationships and our communities. Ronan’s latest venture – CRED – seeks to combine technology and neuroscience to address all of these areas, ultimately leading to a provocation that in order to create sustainable change and create a better world for all, we must redefine what it means to be successful.

I really benefited from creating this conversation with Ronan, it’s been an immediately impactful learning experience for me, and I hope you’ll receive a similar reflection yourself.
Key out-takes from this episode;

  • Let’s take a moment to reflect and in doing so, get off the preordained treadmill, slow down and ask ourselves “What does a life well-lived look like?”
  • Consider being on your death-bed, watching your life’s highlights reel. Think about what you’d like to see on that reel.
  • When it comes to developing ideas and products, we’re all in love with our own solutions. What Ronan has found is that when he leads with purpose, values & vision, the right people are drawn towards what he’s trying to achieve.
  • Remember to remember to look after yourself.
  • Ronan is playing the long game. He’s in the business of creating sustainable change. And that kind of change takes time.
  • Ronan defines success as enabling long-term change with real impact.
  • A lot of people like the idea of change, but wait for everyone else to change first.
  • Ask yourself, what do you need to give up now for long-term gain?
  • Action with reflection creates change.

You can get in touch with Ronan via any of the links below;Website: https://cred.globalEmail: ronan@cred.globalLinkedIn: podcast:
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