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How to pursue purpose and transform to make a greater contribution

with 4i Collaborator & PQFactor Founder CEO, Melina Lipkeiwicz

This conversation is about many things. It’s about life, loss, leading and above all else, learning to lead from purpose.

Melina is, I’m honoured to say, a colleague, a friend, a constant collaborator and a real inspiration to me. This conversation builds on many discussions that she and I have had over the years, and yet in this most public of forums, she shares things for the first time and I have deepened my understanding of what drives this incredible woman who I have known and worked closely with for years. I am very grateful to have the opportunity to share this conversation with you.

The key elements of this conversation are;

  • Finding your purpose is a lifelong journey
  • If you have an internal rumbling, it’s time to reflect & prepare for change
  • Look around at the world today & get curious, you’ll find people who need more from you
  • If you want to do more, you don’t have to go elsewhere to do it. You can stay in your job, stick with your profession and find a pathway to follow your purpose and make a greater contribution
  • Purpose starts with a heightened need to contribute outside of yourself
  • Purpose doesn’t serve you, it serves others outside of you
  • Purposeful leadership is leading with the intention to serve other leaders
  • Purposeful leadership is about intent, why you lead in the first place
  • Purpose should align to your values & strengths
  • If your purpose statement includes you, you’re values haven’t quite gotten to purpose
  • As humans, we want to know there is meaning in what we do
  • Imagine the domino effect for the world of everyone being purposeful
  • Think about how people will feel & what they will experience when they are around you
  • You’ve got to be ready to make a difference, not to just live, but to contribute

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