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Accept what is, and build what could be.

our conversation with Living Future
Institute of Australia CEO Laura Hamilton O’Hara

One of the greatest honours and genuine pleasures about hosting a podcast like BWL is when friends and inspiring folk in your network recommend incredible guests, who you would otherwise have had no connection to but from the very first moment you enter into dialogue with them, the alignment on the most fundamental cellular level is clear. My interactions with Laura Hamilton O’Hara is a perfect example of this. The few conversations that led up to this broadcast one were an potent blend of inspiration, fund, respectful awe and deep intrigue, and this one maxes out all of those factors

In this conversation we explore the journey to uncover the many ways you can make a contribution to creating a better world, from ecology and conversation to design and construction. We link conservation and the built environment. We explore how to live theory and practice progressive, sustainable leadership practices. We celebrate operating on the fringe when these ideas enter mainstream thinking. We speak to burnout, and how play, rest and kindness – especially to oneself – are vital skills to learn and lean into to sustain purposeful work and leadership.

Laura and I are really looking forward to hearing your thoughts and sharing this chapter of the Better World Leaders journey with you – we would love to hear your comments and reviews or directly from you via any of the social links below.

Key out-takes from this episode;

  • the best way I can use my skills, time & experience to effect the biggest change
  • how to live purpose through your work
  • how to look at the holistic picture of what’s going on
  • the importance of internal work for purposeful leaders
  • how do we make the world a better place and accept the way it is now
  • if you’re looking at a bunch of decisions, which one most aligns with your values
  • decisions never come at you without context
  • fun, play & joy are how you refill your energy so you can continue to do the work
  • how can you act, design and construct to make the world a better place?
  • once you know, you can’t unknow
  • we’ve done the bleeding edge stuff, now let’s bring it into the main stream
  • we’ve seen a shift from ‘this means missing out’ to ‘this could be incredible’
  • it takes real energy to resist behaving in a perceived way, and to accept the invitation to be yourself and act from the heart

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