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Anika Molesworth illuminates & inspires showing us what is possible & how to do what needs to be done

Better World Leaders Episode 41

This is a conversation that in some ways I was not expecting, but in other ways I sense I have long been waiting for. I was spell-bound throughout the dialogue with Anika Molesworth, as she shows through her experience, knowledge and actions how we can all influence change, be courageous and do things differently to address climate change and preserve our food systems now and for the future.

Anika is a PhD in Agricultural Science, Founder Director of Farmers for Climate Action, Founder of Climate Wise Agriculture, WWF-Australia Governor and the author of the very brilliant ‘Our Sunburnt Country’.

Her journey moving as a child from urban Melbourne to extremely rural Broken Hill, in far Western New South Wales Australia, into a farmers boots and hat as a young woman as well as through a Degree in Applied Sciences followed by a Masters in Sustainable Agriculture and the PhD as above.

As knowledgeable as Anika clearly is, she is the furthest thing from academia, very much grounded by the red earth of the place she loves, the ailing of the land she has known since a child and her observations of the human-driven changes to landscape, ecology and community. Her gift is that of a brilliant storyteller, one who – in her own words – shows rather than tells, speaks emotively, and walks the courageous steps of a leader who with every breath strives to create a better, more regenerative, place-based world.

Anika and I really looking forward to bringing this conversations to you – we hope you enjoy and find both illumination and inspiration throughout.

Key out-takes from this episode;

Connect to nature

  • This begins with a sense of wonderment with our surrounds & leaning closely with the natural world
  • Connecting closely with the landscape continues to drive everything Anika does
  • Anika’s parents encouraged her to turn over the leaves & the rocks, to study this place

Place-based Change

  • Anika saw the place that she loves deteriorate before her eyes
  • One of the main changes we need to make is feeling connected to place
  • Anika could almost reach down, put her hand on the ground and feel her own hear beating, that’s how connected she feels with this place
  • It’s important for people to feel connection to place not only for joy & love, but for when they see it ailing
  • We have to be better observers and recognise what is not going well in the world

Narrative & Storytelling

  • Change the narrative, not just doom & gloom, share the vision for the better world”
  • These are the facts, this is what’s happening – but told in a way that punches you in the heart
  • We are the protagonist, we are at the heart of the story, very much creating the next chapter
  • We need a different approach, changing the stories we are telling
  • The time for fear based narrative is passing, the time for illumination & inspiration, talking about what is possible & can be done is here

Develop Capability

  • How do we give people the capability to describe their visions and convert them into reality?


  • Be a leader of your own life, and the sphere of influence around you
  • You can help influence change for the better, because you too are a leader
  • What we need is more of the verb. What we need is more action. We need more people leading than following.

Influence & Change

  • We are the most trusted messengers to those we care the most for
  • Don’t underestimate the change we can make within our sphere of influence
  • The essence of everyone is where the change occurs
  • Changing behaviours of institutions & businesses, and you will charge the behaviours of the people within them
  • What would we love to create if we dare to imagine this better world we say we want?

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