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Purpose, values, connection, story & transformation – themes of Season 3 of Better World Leaders

As we wrap up the third season of Better World Leaders, we draw out the convergent themes of the 10 conversations we’ve had with extraordinary leaders over this season.

We look forward to bringing you season four launching in November 2021…

In review, 5 emergent themes have become prominent.Purpose & values – in particular how you link your personal purpose & values to creating a better world, and then progress to link your personal purpose & values to that of the organisation you work within. We have also discussed the benefit of reconsidering what success means to us, and also combining passion and purpose to unlock incredible potential and performance.Connection – transformation by connection to self, place and work.Story.- so many examples shared of how story telling has become a vessel through which transformation has occurred for our guests, including me with my story as shared in Ep40, and Anika Molesworth’s master class in story telling in Ep41.Change – transformation is the most powerful form of change. This season has focused on the transformational moments, events and shifts that have brought this season’s guests to leading to create a better world.
We thank all of our guests this season for their time spent with us co-creating the conversations we’ve shared with you, and for all the incredible work they are doing right now to create our better world.

  • Brendan Lo
  • Ronan Mac Domnhaill
  • Chris Andrew
  • Tigrilla Gardinia
  • Melina Lipkeiwicz
  • Sandra D’Souza
  • Laura Hamilton-O’Hara
  • Paul Gleeson
  • Karren Jensen
  • Alice Howard-Vyse (special thanks for hosting the conversation in Ep40)
  • Anika Molesworth

We also thank you for your time, attention and any and all comments you have shared via social media, podcast reviews or direct correspondence. You are why we create this show. Thank you for all you are doing, and all you will do to lead to create our better world.