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Introducing Season 4

Welcome to Season 4 of the Better World Leader’s podcast!

Following right on the heals of the conclusion of Season 3, Doing Better Things – Stories of Transformative Change, we bring you a series of co-created conversations all focused on experiences, approaches and frameworks for sustaining change.

We are at a vital moment as a species, one where radical transformation seems the bare minimum requirement, where disruption and adaption have become the norm, and where change-induced burnout is on the increase.

How do we, as leaders striving to create a better world, sustain the change that must become not a moment, but expand over months, years, even decades to come?

How do our stories become ones not of fleeting individual shifts, but of embedded systemic evolution?

What awaits you in Season 4 is a series of conversations with Better World Leaders across the world – in Asia, Europe, the Americas and yes, here in Australia. We are very much looking forward to sharing these stories with you…the first of which will be broadcast on November 8th 2021.