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Claire Marshall believes the future is a story, and it’s one of the most important that we tell

Stories are change. Stories are us. We change stories and they change us. Claire Marshall’s story is one of being, receiving and informing change – and it is one I’m thrilled to be sharing with you in the first episode of our fourth season.

This season is all about sustaining change. Once we’ve done the big leap, made the transformational shift and entered the space of on-going adjustment, the power of story really comes into its own. Here we discuss the role of story, how story told in place can both support and sustain a very particular and beneficial kind of change, how stories can transform us and most importantly of all, create our futures to be those we want, filled with what we know to be most important.

Claire is a delight to converse with, a wise and joyful soul who I am deeply honoured to have connected with and so deeply explored the story of story with.

We look forward to hearing from you via our socials is there’s anything you would like to share in response to this conversation.

Key out-takes from this episode;

The role of story

  • A story is incredibly powerful, a story frames how we see the world, it frames what we expect, it frames how we see ourselves and it guides our actions
  • The story we tell ourselves about the future impacts the decisions we take in the present, and the decisions we take in the present impact what kind of future we shape
  • Stories have an evolutionary advantage. They allow us to learn from other people without having to have those same experiences.
  • We have been sold a story that we are a product of our productivity and our owned products
  • We are always looking through our own story out into the world
  • When you change the story, the story changes you
  • Understanding a complex system is vital to our survival on the planet. The best way to communicate the relationships in a system is with a story

Place-based Change

  • Stories are about relationships. Stories are about the dynamics between people, and between people & place.


  • If we want to transform, if we want to evolve, we have to give up what we were, to become what we will be. That requires trust, support networks and stories.
  • It’s not about the stars, it’s about the space in between the stars. That’s where the potential is.

Creating futures

  • The future is a story, and it’s one of the most important stories that we tell
  • When people have a new story of the future, they start seeing the seeds of that story everywhere. That’s empowering, because you can see where you can take action.

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