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Jess Weiss shares her approach to strengths for those who want to make the world better

It’s always a pleasure to converse with someone I know well – especially when that person is someone I greatly admire and am honoured to work alongside, learn from and advocate for.I’ve known Jess for a little over 3 years at this point of broadcast, and yet I’m constantly learning more and more about what drives her, makes her tick and motivates her to go on and create even greater impact in the world (including that her favourite food in the entire world is not at all what I’d expect!)
Her business, Human Tribe, is an Associate entity within the 4iLeadership Collective I co-Founded, and this conversation reflects many discussions we have had over the years we’ve spent understanding each other’s work, perspectives, capabilities and values.
Jess applies her brilliant, energetic and passionate facilitation approach to leaders of organisations of all shapes and sizes, primarily through the lenses of the strengths-based approach to effective management and inspirational leadership.
This conversation is fun, informative, open & honest about our views on leadership development, coaching & training.
We look forward to hearing from you via our socials is there’s anything you would like to share in response to this conversation. Jess is active on Insta & LinkedIn, Tim primarily hangs out in LinkedIn so drop us a comment or a message in either of those platforms if you’d like to.
Key out-takes from this episode;Sustaining Change- to sustain change, shift to a strengths based culture- understand what energises and what drains those around you- Consider these three things, what difference you want to make, what strengths you have & how to invest in these and how do you bring people along?
Being strengths-based- Talent X Investment = Strengths- Everyone is talented in a unique way, every living being has an essence that reflects this- Differences are advantages and become powerful partnerships- You may have the right intentions, but the execution may not be appropriate until you develop the suitable strengths
Leading to create a better world- If you want to be a leader and make the world better, start with yourself- There are opportunities to lead at all levels of organisations- Be persistent and lead your leader towards the difference you want to make- 70% of the variance in a team’s engagement is down to the manager – the that difference in a positive sense

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