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The 4 books that meant the most to me last year…

I read. A lot. As much as I can pretty much.

In doing so, one of the challenges can be to distill the essence of everything I’ve read over a period of time, and see what emerges as the key themes, and the books, articles or posts that have meant the most.

The 4 books I reference here and the books that have stood out the most to me as I’ve reviewed all that I read in 2021 – these 4 have created the most meaning for me.

They are;

  • 7 and a half lessons about the brain, by Lisa Feldman Barrett (2020)
  • Treading Lightly, by Karl-Erik Sveiby & Tex Skuthorpe (2006)
  • How to talk about climate change in a way that makes a difference, Rebecca Huntley (2020)
  • The Kindness Revolution, Hugh Mackay (2021)

I explain here why each of these books has mattered to me, and why I recommended them.