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Reviewing and looking ahead at the halfway mark of Season 4, Sustaining Change…

In this episode I’m coming to you solo as both reviewer and announcer.
I’ll reflect on what has been most salient to me from the 5 discussions so far in this season, and share with you what awaits in the 5 conversations that lie ahead…
Reflecting on conversations with;

  • Claire Marshall on the role of storytelling in creating our futures
  • Rebecca Huntley on where we are with the fight for a healthy climate and the role we can all play
  • Pedro Aguirre on planting seeds with and for future better world leaders
  • Betsy Reed on embracing discomfort to give birth to our greatest transformations
  • Jess Weiss on her approach to strengths for those who want to make the world better

I hope you enjoy this summation and look ahead, I can’t wait to bring the next 5 conversations with, and very much for, Better World Leaders just like you!