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Lauren Tucker asks how do we shift the role of our business to create the conditions for regeneration?

Have you ever been in a session when someone shows up who you sense you recognise the essence of?

You can’t place them, you know you’ve not met them before, yet something connects you that seems somehow familiar.

That was my experience the first time I met Lauren Tucker.

Part way through a Regenerative Business Summit in which Lauren was Resource for our team, I joined the dots, that I knew of Lauren and her work as Founder of an organisation I had long supported and admired – Kiss the Ground.

What I emerged from our brief conversation that day, and germinated in following conversations – most expansively in the conversation shared here – is that Lauren was being called to evolve the the work through which I knew her. She explained that she was now being drawn into another space, a disruptive, systemic transformational space, where in bringing a community together to explore new ways of thinking and enter into new ways of being – deep regeneration would be possible.

Welcome to the conversation with Lauren about how we regenerate one of our most vital, connective and nurturing systems – our Food system. What will it take for us to shift away from our embedded industrial capitalist frameworks of food as mere commodified calories, and into something so much more generative…listen on and let’s explore together!

Here’s a review of the key messages from this episode;


– I realised that the system itself wasn’t changing very much

– We were focused on making things so simple that we weren’t bothering to disrupt anything

– Something disruptive happens so you see something in a different light, that you can’t unsee.

– We’re setting up a community where we are intentionally creating a disruption


– We assume we can only work on one thing at a time. Really we need to work on things in a whole way.

– I’ve been compelled by this sense of wanting to evolve culture

– Food is something we all share & is our most direct way to think about our connection to being living beings

– It’s not education that shifts culture. It’s mindset. Then, it’s small communities of people creating different conversations through a shifted mindset, that then create actions from a different perspective.

– There’s enough duration for the integration to occur

– What we need is not better function, or more intelligent business plans or better strategies. We have to change our thinking.

New ways of being

– I really wanted to challenge myself to work in a new way.

– How do we work on our thinking first to see new potential?

– There’s a reflection around what that means in your own life. That often results in a shift in how you want to live, but you only integrate and sustain this shift if you build a new capability.

– We’re not living multiple lives. You don’t have a work life, a home life, a life with your kids, a philanthropic life. You have one life.

– What’s essential in this community? What does this community want to evolve into? Now how would we create those conditions?

– What is living systems thinking? How do living systems work? How do we hold complexity instead of reducing & simplifying things?


– I realised I had a deep desire to work on how do we hold more complexity and regenerate these systems

– I got really excited by disruption and how do we regenerate our systems

– What we’ve been talking about as regeneration is not really the essence of regeneration

– What if instead we went back to the original essence of something and regenerated our understanding of it. Then we could see so much more potential.

– How do we shift the role of our business to create the conditions for regeneration?

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