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Season 5 halfway review, look ahead and invitation to our first live event..

Welcome to this review of our Fifth Season so far, discussing the convergent themes and poignant prompts which have emerged from the six fantastic guest co-created conversations we’ve been honoured to host in the season so far.
These conversations have been co-created with David Drake, Wayne Visser, Lauren Tucker, Hugh Mackay, Ben Newsome and Laureline Simon.
In this season focused on nurturing conditions for the co-creation of our better world, the emergent themes from the conversations so far are empathy & kindness, nurturing systems, generating new meta-narratives and evolving cultures.
Looking ahead, we’re very much looking forward to sharing with you conversations co-created with Dimity Podger, Alice Howard-Vyse, Michelle Maloney, Steve Moir, Charlotte Connell & Jeanine Bailey.
We would also very much love to see you at our first live event on July 28 11.30-12.30 AEST. This interactive event will feature 4 of our previous guests, Rebecca Huntley, Ben Bowen, Claire Marshall and Ronan Mac Domnhaill jointly exploring ‘The Window of Opportunity’ and each guest hosting a small group discussion where you can decide which theme or prompt you’d like to explore, followed by a collective sharing. Click the link below to join this first live gathering of the Better World Leaders community;
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