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Dr Dimity Podger invites us to explore how we regenerate humanity’s role on the planet

It is always a great honour to co-create and share with you each and every conversation on Better World Leaders. It’s an even deeper pleasure to co-create a conversation with someone who I have been knowing for some time, and deepen my knowing of their being as we create a shared dialogue, which we then share with you. The conversation with Dimity Podger is a beautiful combination of these strands woven throughout this flowing exploration of how we nurture conditions to regenerate ourselves, our role on the planet and the ways we come together.

Dimity is a fellow regenerative practitioner, and has been immersed in exploring values-centred organisations and communities for several decades, focusing a PhD in Sustainability Education on values-centred approaches to social transformation and organising. Her work flows along several channels, partnering with organisations across corporate, government and for-purpose sectors enabling leaders to rise to pursue their life’s purpose striving in the fullest expression of both their personal, and their collective organisations’ values. She leads the purpose-driven leadership consultancy, Barasa Consulting Group, and most recently, has been exploring the pathways to regeneration on a national-scale here in Australia, working as Regenerative Communities Project Manager for the WWF’s Innovate to Regenerate Challenge.

I hope our conversation brings you both cause for reflection on your connection with values, purpose and the many ways to regenerate. Dimity and I had a rich and playful experience co-creating this conversation, which we hope you will receive yourselves in listening and merging with our energies. We both welcome your thoughts and reflections via the connection links below if you’d like to reach out.

Here’s a review of the key messages from this episode, based on extracts from the dialogue;


  • When people connect with the needs in the world, and have a sense of agency, they become awake and alive to what they can contribute to the world.
  • When we have a sense of purpose the ego can quieten and open up to greater energy and potential
  • When you experience awe or wonder, there’s both a smallness and expansiveness


  • We need to regenerate humanity’s role on the planet
  • There’s a mutual unfolding, a recognition of responsibility for our own development, those qualities we use in service of the world
  • Core to our purpose on this planet is to bring spirit to the material world

Regenerating ourselves

  • How do we regenerate our capacities for cooperation?
  • How do we support the shifts in conditions and enable contexts to be conducive for people to be their noble selves?
  • What are the living systems principles that are unfolding in the world that ?
  • That’s why I’ve worked so closely with virtues, values & principles; they are the substance of value
  • There’s an essential need for us to develop spiritual acumen
  • Leaders are hosts of conversation, gathering and surfacing insights, not the holders of dominant views

We learn about ourselves through the context of service to development, and contribution to health and healing of the Natural world


  • We’re revealing this extra-ordinary limitlessness
  • How do we hold space for perspective to emerge to build capacity to seek truth?
  • Who will we be no matter what?

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