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Alice Howard-Vyse guides us how we can listen more deeply, to nurture ourselves and the whole we are all a part of.

In this conversation, I welcome back a dear friend and guide in the great work, who on her first visit here hosted me and beautifully held the space for exploration of one of my formative narratives. Here, we return to our usual flow, as I host an abundant and deep conversation with Alice Howard-Vyse.

Alice is a practitioner of many approaches to living systems practice. She is Lead Convenor for Regen Sydney, Founder of Humanise This, an alumnus of Schumacher Collage (UK) and Fellow of the Centre for Sustainability Leadership. Ever since meeting Alice shortly before the emergence of the pandemic, I have considered myself fortunate every time I’ve had the opportunity to connect, share space, witness Alice in her work and thrive in the places and networks she activates, and this conversation is no exception!

I hope our conversation brings you cause for some deep application of Alice’s ‘practically profound’ approaches. We’d both love to hear how this conversation landed for you, and what you have found in your experiments with any of the practices we explore here. We both welcome your thoughts and reflections via the connection links below.

Here’s a review of the key messages from this episode, based on elements of the dialogue;


  • What’s the legacy of what we design?
  • Thinking in nested systems. 
  • Nurturing the health of any one system, we nurture the health of the whole
  • What is the role of humanity in the service of a regenerative future? 
  • What if our role was to live in this land with joy?
  • Where are we disrupting what actually wants to happen?

Nurturing inner space

  • It starts with us, with our way of being.
  • What experiments have you played with in nurturing inner space? What have you done, and what have you found?
  • There’s a deficit of intentional space where you can tap into a deeper sensing
  • How do we keep coming back to that place which feels like home, like integrated self?
  • How do we do this? In community with others who make us feel like ourselves & bring back to that sense when we forget
  • Finding our way back to ourselves & our communities
  • The ability to go deep with others is commensurate with our ability to go deep into ourselves

Listening & conversations

  • How do we tune into our feeling about what’s going on in the world around us and use those feelings as intelligence?
  • The kind of conversations we have shape the world that we create.
  • How do we have more generative conversations?
  • How do we become curious about what’s going on for someone else & what their experience is?
  • Listen with one’s whole self, to one’s whole self, and the whole selves of others. How do we do that?
  • Our ability to listen to ourselves determines how deeply we can listen to others
  • The gift of being deeply listened to by being truly present is one of the greatest that can be given or received.

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