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Stephen Moir is building communities of professions seeking to pursue purpose into action on climate change

As long as I’ve been in Australia I’ve been aware of Stephen Moir, someone with whom I share many professional alignments, yet his journey always seemed ahead of my own.

More recently I’ve found the alignment even greater, especially since being invited by one of my clients to join Steve’s community ‘Professionals Advocating for Climate Action’.

Steve’s background as a recruiter and founder of the long established and highly successful Moir Group doesn’t indicate anything radical or activist, and yet he and his partner Caroline found themselves inspired to do more, and to work within the deep professional networks they have to connect with shared purpose, aligned values and a fundamental desire to do more.

This group has over 300 members and regularly features guest speakers including leading Australian politicians, business and professional leaders from across the spectrum of finance, health, education and all sectors of the broader economy.

This is a great conversation with Steve around nurturing the fundamentals of community building to bring professionals together to support action and bring awareness to our most significant of challenges.

Here’s a review of the key messages from this episode, based on elements of the dialogue;

Purpose & Engagement 

  • There’s a lot of people looking for purpose 
  • More people are looking for leaders who can connect their work to a greater purpose
  • People are asking their employers where they stand on the environment, and if their answers aren’t good, they leave


  • The business community is leading on this, driven largely by their employees
  • I get asked this question a lot – do you have any hope?
  • Examples of action gives hope & optimism that keeps people going
  • There’s a missing link around community in all businessesLeaders
  • 90% of people who are looking to move are not aligned to their boss or the organisational culture

Leadership now & going forward is the key thing

 What defines great business is great leaders who live and breathe purpose and values

Key Capabilities – Humility, Empathy, Listening, Nurturing Psychological Safety

If you don’t nurture the conditions for inclusion, any diversity you foster will not succeed.

3 things to focus on – get involved where you are passionate, be true to purpose & live a life aligned, humble leading where you don’t need to be the centre of attention.

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