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Sue Glendenning, Jeanine Bailey and I are co-creating spaces for those who are hopeful for changing what must be changed

This is a conversation between three fellows in the work.

3 friends and colleagues who have been deeply exploring how to co-create conditions for systemic change to be activated and sustained.

I invite you into the conversation with Sue Glendenning, Jeanine Bailey, and myself.

As we reach the culmination of this year-long Better World Leaders’ Season 5 on nurturing conditions, we wished to share our collective intention to nurture conditions in communities of change makers, to support, enable and deepen their potential to radically shift systems, structures and processes that can provide pathways to the better worlds that are sought.It’s our great pleasure to share this conversation we you – here’s a review of the key messages from this episode, based on elements of the co-created dialogue;

Holding Space – Holding space for whatever needs to come in to happen, for communities to discover, acknowledge & share the most important things for us to sustain ourselves & for change on every level.

Systems Change – Bring in new thoughts to invite outcomes which are good for us & the broader system, hopes, vision & dreams, changing yourself is to change the system.

Co-creating change – A lot of people talk about change, what counts is how you make it happen. Hopeful for changing what must be changed, a self-full feeling to nurture & be part of this – it was like a light going on

We change – Through the process of unfolding & refolding the terrain gets richer, is different, new & changing. Allowing yourself to be open to what is emerging, the journey to beauty can be dramatic in the fullness & extent of what needs to change.

What’s yours to do? Something we can all think about

Place· Fundamentally this is going to land in place, through activators of place-sourced potential. Working with fellows in place, change is going to morph & spread & evolve

Solutions – We don’t need to do anything dramatically different, the solutions are already there.

Find out more about Sue and her work here:LinkedIn profile – World – out more about Jeanine and her work here:LinkedIn profile – World –

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