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Are you doing your deepest work?

This was the one question that I was asked last year, that resonated both most deeply and for the longest time. 

Deep work means many different things.
It can mean your most focused work, if like me you’re a fan of Cal Newport.
It can mean the most immersive work, right down in the detail figuring out the minutia of the causal factors.
For me, the essence of this question is around impact. My deepest work is the work that has the most resonating, lasting and stimulating impact upon those that are the recipients of it.

That is how I invite you to receive this question. And if the answer is yes, that you are doing your most impactful, meaningful and purpose-driven work, then let’s consider how you can do more. 

  • Can you increase the duration of time you spend doing your deepest work? 
  • Can you broaden the scale of the audience that engage with your deepest work? 
  • Who can support you to do more of your deepest work?

If the answer is no, you’re not yet doing your deepest work, then I hope that answering some of the questions I’ve posed so far — what’s possible, what’s most important — might help you progress in the direction of doing so. Or drop me a line and I’ll see what I can do to help.

More questions coming soon…

Before I finish go, a quick note of gratitude. I’m extremely grateful to have been asked this question by Victoria Foster, CEO of FutureWomenX, during the preparation for our second conversation for Better World Leaders, this one about the US election’s lessons for leadership.